Sunflower Growbar


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What is a growbar? A Growbar is a cleverly curated seed collection nestled in neat, fertile coir bars, ready to grow; simply just pop it in a tray and add water! It is the easiest way to grow something beautiful and useful. Gardening has never been easier. Our full range of Growbars can be found here.

Unwrap your sunflower bar and see your garden fill with vibrant summer yellow tones. Sun Gold produce giganic, fluffy flower heads which look like golden-coloured pompoms. Vanilla Ice offers pale lemon-yellow petals which contrast vividly with the dark black centre and Red Sun gives an unusual variety which produces dramatic, deep red flowers on tall stems.

  • Contains: Sun gold, Vanilla ice and Red sun seeds
  • Bar measures W 21cm x H 10.5cm x D 2cm