Kindness Prompt Cards


These ‘kindness’ prompt cards will help you lend a transcendent perspective on life’s temptations to be angry and bitter when we are tired and in bad moods. This set of 60 cards include a mixture of quotes and illustrations to help you handle your daily frustrations.

Example Cards:

  • The kind person gives generously from a sense that they too will stand in need of kindness. Not right now, not over this, but in some other area. They know that self-righteousness is merely the result of a faulty memory: an inability to hold in mind, at moments when they are truly good and totally in the right, how often they have been deeply and definitively in the wrong.
  • One fundamental path to remaining kind around people is the power to hold on, even in very challenging situations, to a distinction between what someone does, and what they meant to do.
  • The modern world is very uncomfortable around the idea of a good person not succeeding. We would rather say that they weren’t good than embrace a far more disturbing and less well-publicised thought: that the world is very unfair. Kind people always keep the notion of injustice in mind.

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