Emotional Barometer Mood Tool


This Emotional Barometer is a handy tool to help us overcome our emotional vagueness. Inside are 20 cards that offer definitions of twenty moods that we can all recognise but that can be hard to pin down and explain.

Perfect for if you’re feeling:
Anxious, Loving, Dreamy, Confident, Guilty, Sulky, Grateful, Envious, Solitary, Obsessed, Ugly, Practical, Weepy, Sensual, Melancholy, Self-Pitying, Needy, Happy, Awed, Nostalgic.

Everyone is more anxious than they are inclined to tell us. Even the tycoon and the couple in love are suffering. We’ve collectively failed to admit to ourselves how much it is customary to panic. But we can at least hold out our arms to our similarly tortured, fractured, and above all else, anxious neighbours, as if to say, in the kindest way possible: ‘I know…’

  • Size: Height 16cm x Width 11.5cm x Depth 2cm
  • 20 illustrated cards, movable emotional dial and cardboard stand

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