Dealbreakers; A Game About Relationships


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From the hit podcast Anna Faris Is Unqualified comes Dealbreakers, a party game that explores what happens in a romantic relationship after that initial swipe right.

Gather your friends and prepare to discover what you’re really willing to accept from a romantic partner! What behavior or attribute is an insurmountable flaw and what might you be inclined to overlook? Judge potential soul mates and get to know your friends better as you examine the little things that can lead to love or frustration.

Each round begins with a scenario card that sets the scene, and players must each select a “dealbreaker” card they believe will convince the round’s leader to abandon the date. But even the dealbreakers that seem intolerable on the surface might be excusable for the right person! 

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  • Includes; 30 scenario cards, 5 “wild card” scenarios, 300 deal breaker cards and 15 create-your-own deal breaker “wild cards”
  • Illustrated booklet with rules of game play and a personal essay from Anna Faris
  • Measures: H 13cm x W 17cm x D 8cm