Cards For Perspective


These ‘perspective’ cards are a collection of eloquent invitations to remind us to look at life in newfound virtue, helping us deal with our own problems. Each card shines a new light on things coloured by time, space, and culture. For instance:

  • The Oldest Living Tree. This not very tall spruce tree (it’s only five metres in height) has been standing on a ridge of the Fululfjlallet mountain in Sweden for more than nine thousand years. It has kept going in the face of appalling weather in quiet obedience to the same basic forces that have always governed its existence: rain, sunlight, wind and the nutrients it imperceptibly draws from the forbidding rocky soil beneath it.
  • A Child Looking at Ants. The child doesn’t know the science of insect life – but they’re newly astonished by the strangeness of existence nevertheless. What would it be like to be a miniscule creature marching in file towards a tiny fissure at the base of a brick wall? Do they have friends? Do they get sad? Do they know they are being watched? The least thing, properly attended to, could furnish a lifetime of thought. We don’t have to stop speculating, as we once did.

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